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May 6, 2019

Dear IES Oklahoma City Section - Board of Managers

Karl Anderson (fellow Benham employee) and I (Doyle Magnus) had the privilege of judging 43 student projects at OSU last Friday. The project was a Museum of the Bible in the Arts District in downtown OKC, near the Civic Center. It had administrative offices, archival space and museum space.

See the pics below, showing conversing with students, announcing the winners, and a shot of the winners.

This year we gave out $1000 to the winning students:
1st Place Winner - $500 – Suraj Notta (second from left, next to Karl)
2nd Place Winner - $300 – Xinyu (Christie) Yu (next to me in the photo)
3rd Place Winner - $150 – Julie Stivers (third from the left)
4th Place Winner - $50, and the design with the coolest light fixture - Motoki Hiromatsu (third from right)

We also gave a cookie to the student “who cheated the most on their rendering”. There was a project with a beautifully and uniformly lighted façade, and when asked about how he lighted it, he sheepishly said that he had made it all up…there were no light fixtures. Ha!